We are After Press. A letterpress studio in Birmingham, Alabama, working to give life to good, thoughtful design as ink meets paper.

Born out of the hearts and minds of many, we are of artists and designers, of writers and hand-letterers, of painters and sculptors, of creators and creative. Guided by our collective past—our “befores”—we work to move design to tangible reality.

We specialize in the art of letterpress printing, art direction and graphic design services, and all of the fine finishing services to elevate and implement creative vision. We understand the nuances of design and print, and we live to perfect the details, and we create a product with not only the original design in mind, but the vision of our client going forward.  We work to honor your design and honor your mission through our work. We work for what comes after press—when the cards are printed, the invitations sealed and stamped, the posters hung, the business cards handed out.

Design always comes first. The beauty is in what comes After.